With high-end manufacturing and automatic testing system, high quality products are manufactured.
It has good precision in reading sudden flow change and small amounts of water as well as its strong durability.
By using powder coating method, it has clean appearance and is highly durable.
Also by injecting non-moving fluid into the viewing window, it will maintain clear view all the time.
It is an only 13mm water meter that has obtained the ㉿ mark.

It has strong durability and superb function. It is able to handle foreign objects, pipe freezing and none freezing state. Even with its simple structure, it has low-pressure loss rate and is able to read precise measures for a long period of time. Clear digit board and oil measurement lamp will turn 360 degrees and is constructed on 45 degrees slop for easier view.
It is easy to install and maintain. Meter lengths may be changed upon orders.

Has good precision in wide water flow range.
Since it I made with special synthetic resin, it does not deform in high temperature/pressure
The view board can be turned 360 degrees and is built on a slope for easier view.

By installing a valve designed to prevent water conduction and back flow at the water output site, water will rotate the impeller and open the valve to provide water. When the water starts to flow backward, the cover installed within the valve will automatically close to prevent the back flow. Its impeller is designed only to rotate in one direction for water conduction and back flow prevention.

Its major material is stainless 304-316.
It is an environmentally friendly product without pb, a toxic substance.
It is clean because it does not produce scaling.
With is high durability, it may be recycled and permanently used.
A strong engineering plastic with shock-resistant and stress-resistant properties is used.
By using a special material at friction site, product’s function and durability is highly improved.
The range of error in water flow and temperature change is highly reduced.